Blackberry Curve 8530 – Useful Accessories

As far as the BlackBerry Curve 8530 model from the black berry is concerned, it is certainly the most recent update and it belongs to the curve series which is being offered by the BlackBerry. If you want to consider the style or the fashion then this is one of the models for you. You can send the email, do the messaging and off coarse the voice quality is so great that you will just love it.

Out here in this article I am going to talk about the accessories for this model. All of them are available in the market. So let us check them out that what they are?

1. Jabra cuiser Bluetooth car kit for Blackberry curve 8530
This fashion accessory is being manufactured by the Jabra. You will find these accessories to be quite affordable. It is outfitted with dual microphone technology. You will also find it to be equipped with an FM transmitter. The A2DP and AVRCP allow streaming as well as controlling the stereo music from your telephone to your automobile or residence tape player.

2. Amzer full body silicone skin jelly case
This is one of the accessories which are being prepared by the top company. The name of the company is Amzer. The cost is also quite low. The body is so well protected from the dirt that the life of the model is increased. It is just amazing.

3. Motorola (OEM) Ferrari micro USB vehicle charger for Blackberry curve 8530
As far as these accessories are concerned it is being manufactured by the Motorola. The cost is quite low. You should not forget that it is a USB charger and hence is quite great.

4. Holiday Gift Basket
This is manufactured by the Amzer and the cost is also nominal. You can gift this accessory to any family friend and you will be appreciated definitely. It is a complete set and you will have to buy the whole set.

5. Powermat home and office charging mat
This one is being manufactured by the Powermat. The cost is quite nominal. You will be quite thrilled after seeing it as it is an outstanding sustaining device that charges the cell phones without any wire and at remote places as well.