Video Games and Essential Console Accessories

There are a mind blowing number of video games available both for children and adults. Consequently the number of accessories for the console video games is even more. Beginning with component cables, remote wrist straps, dust covers, Generic Xbox360 Faceplates, adapters, PSP Recharge Grips, Xbox360 HD DVD Drives, Travel kits, Steering wheels, USB fans, Skid proof gloves, back lock battery packs, movie stands, Boxing gloves, modem adapters, X box 360 vision cameras memory cards, wavebird game pads, Logic3 PSP Sound Grips and the Dual shock pads, the list is quite incomplete!

Pega WiiHD ProComponent cable: This is a very important cable which ensures connectivity for accessing all the pictures and graphics. It comes with a length of six feet. It is best to check if your device has a slot allotted for it before buying it.

Remote Wrist strap: This is available in different colours and different straps for all the members of the family! It essentially heightens the element of fun to the gaming experience. It is light weight and can be used with the video game controller also.

Generic Xbox360 Faceplates: This is a protective cover for the console and guards it against any damage. The function buttons can be operated with the protective cover on.

Adapters: These adapters are essential if one wants to access power from the mains. It requires about100 to 240 volts AC powering order to yield DC power of 12 volts.

PSP Recharge Grips: This is a useful device especially when you do not want to constantly use new batteries when they run out of charge. It is useful for recharging the used batteries.

Xbox360 HD DVD Drives: This is essentially a DVD player which has been designed for games. The audio system is exceptionally good and all the menus can be selected at will.

The Skid Proof gloves: In order to play the Nintendo Wii games and these skid proof gloves provide the convenience of being non-slippery. They are also sweat proof, ensuring enough air circulation.

Back-lock battery packs: There are different kinds of battery chargers suitable for the particular console game. The back-lock packs guarantee optimum battery recharge, wherever we are. It is thus ideally suited for travelling.

Movie stands: In order to adjust the right angle while watching a movie, the movie stand is recommended. They are slip proof and offer a comfortable position to enjoy movies. Viewers can also use the headphones with it.

Boxing gloves: The boxing gloves offer a unique boxing experience for the user. They offer the ultimate simulation of the boxing skill, with attendant thrills. The material is soft and nonabrasive for the skin.

Wave bird game pads: This is a small controller for Nintendo game consoles. It has colourful buttons to control while playing the game.

The Game cube Modem adapter: This is a must-buy device for online gaming. It is quite simple to add on this accessory to the gaming device and a serial port in the gaming device is enough to connect it. It can be plugged into the standard telephone line and played.

The Xbox 360 vision camera: This is a live video game chat device and can even be used as a web camera for the PC. It is very attractively showcased in a colourful exterior. Thus dual purpose device can be used to send photo messages even as one is chatting.