Telephone Sales for Cell Phone Adapters

Cellular telephone accessory companies will often use the telephone to make sales to their cell phone customers. Often, this makes the telephone subscriber upset because they are paying for these minutes. However, if the telephone sales are done during the non-peak hours where the people are getting free unlimited minutes then generally the cell phone subscribers are not very upset.

One of the things telephone salespeople will ask is are you happy with the service? Do you like your phone? Would you like to upgrade your phone? Have you seen our new phones? Do you need any additional car battery adapter? Do you need a new leather carrying case? If so I can take your credit card over the phone right now or I can put it on your cell phone bill if you’d like. I will mail it out to you right away and you should have it within two or three working days; would that be okay for you?

Perhaps you can see why telephone sales and sales for cell phone adapters work so well and why so many companies are doing this. The telephone salesperson will act like this is a service to you to check up on cell phone service and see how you are doing and if there’s anything you need but in actuality it is a pure sales call to sell you stuff. Consider all this in 2006.