How to Find Affordable Cell Phone Accessories

The cellphone business is booming and the same holds true for the selling of accessories for mobile telephones. When you go out and drop a few hundred dollars on the latest Blackberry Curve smart phone for example, you most certainly will want to pick up a few accessories for that new phone. Considering how much money you spent on the new phone, one of the first things you will want to purchase is a case to carry your phone in to protect it from scratches or from damage in case you drop it.

It is not the best idea to head out to the local mall to visit a cell phone store if you are looking for cell phone cases because, quite frankly, these stores charge top dollar.

Some of the larger discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart are pretty good places to look for batteries and the like, but be warned that the selections are not nearly as vast as what can be found elsewhere. You would be much better off to use the internet to find cell phone chargers, cases, or other items that you can use to accessorize your phone. The internet is jammed packed with outstanding bargains.

You can easily find Blackberry Curve accessories online for a fraction of what they would cost if you were to purchase them in the same retail store where you bought the phone. The reason that the prices are so low on the internet is because the websites who specialize in this type of product are able to purchase them overseas at very low wholesale prices. Another reason for the low prices is the incredible amount of competition sellers have online. They have to keep their prices low in order to compete and survive.

The next time you need to shop for cell phone cases or other items that will extend the life of your phone, remember not to simply rush out to the local phone shop-that is unless you do not mind paying top dollar! The absolute best bargains that you can find are online. Another advantage to shopping online beside the super low prices is the fact that the shipping rates are often very competitive too. Some sellers will offer you a discount if you purchase more than one item from their online store and may even thrown the shipping in for free if you purchase several accessories from their web shop.

Blackberry Curve 8530 – Useful Accessories

As far as the BlackBerry Curve 8530 model from the black berry is concerned, it is certainly the most recent update and it belongs to the curve series which is being offered by the BlackBerry. If you want to consider the style or the fashion then this is one of the models for you. You can send the email, do the messaging and off coarse the voice quality is so great that you will just love it.

Out here in this article I am going to talk about the accessories for this model. All of them are available in the market. So let us check them out that what they are?

1. Jabra cuiser Bluetooth car kit for Blackberry curve 8530
This fashion accessory is being manufactured by the Jabra. You will find these accessories to be quite affordable. It is outfitted with dual microphone technology. You will also find it to be equipped with an FM transmitter. The A2DP and AVRCP allow streaming as well as controlling the stereo music from your telephone to your automobile or residence tape player.

2. Amzer full body silicone skin jelly case
This is one of the accessories which are being prepared by the top company. The name of the company is Amzer. The cost is also quite low. The body is so well protected from the dirt that the life of the model is increased. It is just amazing.

3. Motorola (OEM) Ferrari micro USB vehicle charger for Blackberry curve 8530
As far as these accessories are concerned it is being manufactured by the Motorola. The cost is quite low. You should not forget that it is a USB charger and hence is quite great.

4. Holiday Gift Basket
This is manufactured by the Amzer and the cost is also nominal. You can gift this accessory to any family friend and you will be appreciated definitely. It is a complete set and you will have to buy the whole set.

5. Powermat home and office charging mat
This one is being manufactured by the Powermat. The cost is quite nominal. You will be quite thrilled after seeing it as it is an outstanding sustaining device that charges the cell phones without any wire and at remote places as well.

The Top 10 ‘Must-Have’ Laptop Accessories

You’ve laid out good money for your laptop computer, but you’re not done spending just yet.

There are a few more laptop accessories you may want to consider to make the package complete.

1: Laptop Case / Bag

As the newest member of the mobile computing force, you’re required to take an oath of safe computing.

And that starts with investing in the most important of laptop accessories – a laptop bag. You can’t very well go traipsing around the world with your laptop exposed to the elements.

When it comes to laptop bags, you can spend $25 for a small case made from less expensive materials on up to several hundred dollars for one made of top-grain cowhide.

However, in the end, the most important consideration is whether your case can hold your laptop, plus all the other goodies that go with it (like the ones described here).

2: Software

Did your laptop come with software? If so, did it come with the right software – the software you actually need to perform whatever tasks you need to perform?

Don’t just assume you have everything you need. You’ll probably need to add some software, as well as go online to update the software that was included.

3: A Real USB Mouse

Trackpads and eraser nubs that fill an obvious need. However, given the option, most people would rather user a real mouse.

If you stop and think for a moment, you’re likely to realize that many places where you’ll be computing actually are suitable for a real mouse.

So one of the most useful laptop accessories you can buy is a USB mouse, keep it in your bag, and use it whenever you’re able.

4: A Cat5 Ethernet Cable

Your built-in Ethernet port won’t do you much good if you get to your hotel room, discover an Ethernet connection, and don’t have a cable. Some hotels provide them; others don’t. Always come prepared with the right cable.

5: A Standard Telephone Cable

The same holds true for your modem connection. If you don’t have a cable to get you from your computer to the phone jack, you’re not going anywhere in cyberspace.

6: Disposable Cleansing Cloths

Over time, the display on your laptop is going to get dusty, or even smudgy. You’re playing Russian roulette with your laptop if you attempt to clean your display with paper towels and spray cleaners.

Instead, use disposable cleansing cloths. These essential laptop accessories are designed specifically to clean laptop displays. Always have a stash on hand.

7: USB Drive

A USB drive is a storage device about the size of your thumb that plugs directly into a USB port.

Capacity-wise, they’re relatively small – usually well under 100 MB. However, they’re very useful for moving files quickly and easily from one computer to another, e.g., moving a PowerPoint presentation from your laptop to your business associate’s laptop.

A USB drive also makes a great temporary backup medium for the really important files you create on the road.

8: Blank CD-R Discs

You’ve just finished your big sales presentation. Someone from the audience approaches you afterward and asks for a copy of the presentation.

You’ll make a better impression if you:

a) ask the person for their email address and tell them you’ll email the presentation later

b) ask for their physical address and tell them you’ll mail a CD later

c) burn them a CD of the presentation on the spot.

In case you didn’t figure it out, the answer is c. Always be prepared with these inexpensive laptop accessories.

9: Stereo Headset

It’s great to be able to watch DVD movies no matter where you are. Imagine watching your favorite flick at 30,000 feet.

There’s just one problem.

The family in the row behind you has absolutely no interest in hearing the dialog from Pulp Fiction.

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor. When you’re watching movies or listening to music in public, use your headphones.

10: Security Device

Laptop security devices come in many shapes and sizes.

Workstations and Accessories

The boon of developing economies has resulted in the introduction of empire-like offices and factories. This can get intimidating for a good number of people, particularly for them who are just entering into the professional life. The one thing that is most personal to each employee is his or her workstation. It’s the place where they spend most of their time while at work. Therefore, utmost care has to be taken while choosing Office Workstations in your company.

An interesting fact that most of us don’t know is who invented the workstation. It was Robert Probst in 1968 and his idea that started a revolution among offices. Workstations are semi enclosed work spaces that mainly comprise of a computer, a telephone, a pin-up board, a small cupboard and of course, a comfortable chair. Workstations and Accessories are meant to be highly performance oriented and are customized according to a computer user. Over time, they have evolved from a simple table and chair to sophisticated office furniture that can comfortably accommodate all your work staff.

Workstations and Accessories are a very convenient option for employers and employees. They serve the purpose of mobility, that is, they can be shifted easily if the look of the office needs to be changed. For employees, they provide the optimum proximity of shelves to desks and paperwork, etc to be easily accessible, so they no longer have to run to filing cabinets at the far end of the office.

There are a variety of workstations today that you can choose from. These include Metal Workstations, Clustable Workstations, standing workstations and lots more. You can also go for veneer or laminate workstations that match the rest of your office decor. Moreover, these are available at prices that can suit every budget. They help create a visually appealing image while serving the needs of employees, by adding to their productivity and comfort. These also allow companies to make more efficient use of vertical space, thereby reducing use of square footage, thus cutting on real estate costs.

Clustable Workstations are best suited for group instruction and team learning. Single adjustment controls both work surface and monitor shelf. These modular desks include a security rail, adjustable CPU holder, and 2″ casters. The lower platform can be used to support the printer or supplies. Metal Workstations, on the other hand, come in a variety of options. From sit/stand workstations to fold-and-go work stations, to even Z frame laptop carts, there’s one for every purpose.